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Travel to southern Tanzania is open to travel enthusiasts for a variety of reasons. First Game View: These areas offer beautiful wildlife and caves, an interesting mix of species and wildlife from East and South Africa. Additionally, the open touring carriages enhance the viewing experience in contrast to the closed loop carriages used in the North.

Second, the large parks and parks offer visitors a more relaxed and unique wildlife viewing experience, with cars and few tourists (unlike the densely populated parks of the north) and a good sense of African grandeur. Finally, southern and western Tanzania offer more activities than the heavily guarded northern zoos: in addition to wildlife during the day, there are hiking trails, regular boat trips, spring camps, and even in the mountains. A journey in search of wild chimpanzees!

The south and west of Tanzania are often capped by the better known and more famous Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater to the north. Some agents feel that the south and west are more suitable for the above traveler and do not recommend them for a timer, but we disagree! We sent thousands of first time viewers to southern Tanzania from where we had a wonderful travel experience.

In the south of Tanzania it is very affordable if you want to combine travel with the beach. Contact us to find out why.

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