Lake Manyara

Background Information

Lake Manyara is located 126 kilometres from Arusha town, and covers a total of 330 square kilometres. The Park is set in a natural Crater, creating a beautiful environment for Safari. Manyara National park is famous in Tanzania for many reasons, including the lions that climb the trees. The park attracts a lot of visitors due to it being the natural habitat of many different species of beautiful bird, who spend their days searching the lake for food. In total there are over 400 species of bird living in the park. There are also many animals that inhabit the park, such as; Elephants, Lions, Buffalo’s, Leopards, Baboons, Zebra’s, and many other herbivores. Adding to the beauty of the park is a hot spring. Water comes up from the ground bubbling, and they flow all year round in all seasons.

When to go

The best season to visit Manyara National Parks is between the months of June to December after the rain season.