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Tanzania’s ancient forests and other natural features are among the country’s top attractions for tourists. Developing carefully managed forest tourism will ensure the economic and commercial benefits of Tanzania’s unique forest environment while protecting wildlife resources.

The Tanzania Forest Service (TFS) has been tasked with managing national forest reserves (nature and plantations), bee sanctuaries, and forest and bee resources on earth in general. As an executive agency, TFS will improve the management and conservation of forest and bee resources for the sustainable supply of quality forest and bee products and services. The Forestry and Beekeeping Department remains responsible for developing forestry policy, legislation and regulations and overseeing their implementation in the sector.

The TFS was established to improve the management and conservation of forestry and beekeeping. This includes increasing management activities related to the mapping and demarcation of forest reserves and improving the conservation capacity of local forest managers; increase the production capacity of plantations, which will also meet the national energy needs for wood fuels; and improve the ability to capture and capture the value of the forest and beekeeping sector for GDP.

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