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Take your loved ones on the ultimate adventure: a family safari in the vast and untouched wilderness of East Africa. With a well-trained guide by your side, discover that the African bush truly is the ultimate family playground.

Families traveling with GENAU GUIDES Limited receive a warm welcome and attention from our highly experienced teams on site who ensure an exceptional level of safety and guest satisfaction.

Our offers for families

From the expert guidance and personal attention to unparalleled accommodations and service, everything is focused on planning an African safari experience that the whole family will enjoy. Kids will love being outdoors, looking for iconic African animals and experiencing the world as nature intended.

A family safari is a great way to introduce your kids to nature and wildlife without worrying about the boredom they might experience on a regular safari tour. Family safaris are designed to keep the excitement of an interactive wildlife safari and birdwatching alive for all.

Some of our camps offer activities specifically designed to educate and entertain younger visitors. Among other things, they can learn to recognize animal tracks, participate in guided forest walks and become acquainted with  Tanzania and East African customs as all.

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